As the executive director of Rakyat Group of Companies ( RGC ), I would first of all like to extend my warmest regards to all our shareholders, clients and the public at large.


Nothing comes easy and so is success. Rakyat Group of Companies is purely the result of hard work initiated by it’s every staff and it’s associates. I believe that all our labour is finally beginning to bear fruits and the results are already apparent. Business is expanding and the group is gaining more and more recognition in the recent times. We would continue to focus on expanding our presence in the business world by bidding for more medical benefits outsourcing and third party administration ( TPA ), property and land acquirement, and not forgetting supplying the best and most sort after medical equipments.


I take this great opportunity to express my sincere appreciations and acknowledgement towards out shareholder’s, client’s and also employee’s for their continuing support and confidence in our group of companies. Without their unwavering dedication and professionalism throughout 2011, it would not be possible for RAKYAT GROUP of COMPANIES to continue delivering the service at it’s best. I believe in the saying that quotes goals as dreams with a deadline. None of my dreams would have touched it’s deadline and become a reality without the solid teamwork and cooperation among my staffs.


Rakyat Group of Companies strives at its best to serve the best to its customers, for we belief that without our customers, we would never be where we are today. We have so many plans ready to be executed in the year 2013. We are also striving harder than before to come up with yet the best cost effective healthcare which is affordable by everyone. Rakyat Land is expanding its wing to almost all the states in the country. We are currently looking for more countries that can meet our quality expectations as for the medical equipments supply. We are looking into collaborating with other countries from the ASEAN region. Wherever there are feasible ways, we make the impossible, possible. The group has decided to adopt some serious approach towards corporate social responsibilities, aiming to give back a portion of it’s profit back to the society.


RAKYAT GROUP of COMPANIES is seriously looking for business opportunities to expand and succeed. Companies, vendors and retailers or even individuals who are keen in trading or making profit, are most welcome to liaise with us and explore all the chances that there is for us to work together. And so, I pen off with the assurance that RAKYAT GROUP of COMPANIES will continue to create an avenue for the best business practices to take part.


Group Executive Director